It is our pleasure and with great pride to present

“Tyler Joe” to the dog fancy.

Gene Blake first approached Nan Bodine about breeding her beautiful “Amber” to “Karim.”  Soon afterwards, a collaborative effort ensued for the breeding to take place.  Dr. Robert Hutchison performed the surgical implant with Karim’s

22 year old frozen semen.  April 23, 2006 Nan called and said Amber had whelped one puppy  (a boy) at 5:30 that morning, my heart sank.

I had hoped for more, but I did thank the Lord for him as he was after all my Karim baby. 

I had a part of Karim back to love.

Nan and I talked almost daily and she e-mailed me photos of him several times a week.  After his eyes opened and he started getting his legs, Nan called and said “His eyes don’t look like any of my dogs.”  I thought for a moment and silently said to myself “She is not used to looking into Karim’s eyes.”  Amber was a fabulous mother, she and her baby had a love affair.  It broke my heart to separate them.

I flew to Virginia when he was six weeks old and brought him home early the next morning.  The first time our eyes met, I knew I was looking into the eyes of a very old soul.  With his carrier placed between my feet on the plane, he slept with his head resting on my foot.  My dear friend

Teresa picked us up at the airport and had rolled out the red carpet.  She was close to Karim most of his life, so this was a very special day for her also. She is now Tyler Joe’s personal shopper, seamstress and nanny when needed.

Now for the name, Tyler Joe.  My mother, Arlene, loves to pick out our dog’s names.  So of course, she would name him.  She is a major AEROSMITH fan, thinks Steven Tyler hung the moon and adores Joe Perry.  Do I have to draw you a map?  All of our dogs for the last 40 years, are named after songs.  Pretty much of a “no – brainer” as she puts it.


Tyler Joe’s pedigree is full of top winning and top producing Salukis, some of the best in our breed’s history.  What he is today is because of all of their outstanding qualities.  When I held Karim’s face in my hands and looked into his eyes for the last time as his and our life together on this earth left his body, I thought I would never look into those eyes again, I was wrong.

Now when I look into Tyler Joe’s eyes or he glances over at me, it is Karim looking at me, he is filled with the Spirit of his father.

Dr. Harold Spira wrote me that having another Karim would be like winning the lottery twice.

I wish Dr. Spira was here today, he could say he knew someone who won the lottery twice.